Venessa Marco - “Patriarchy” (WoWPS 2014)


What the hell are we doing here anyway? We have 117 million problems and worrying about our status on the lacrosse team is not one of them. It is now.

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Namibia’s Hipsters: From the sapeurs of Kinshasa, the fashionistas of Lagos and to the streets of Jozi, vintage style is trending in Africa.   

Designer, tailor and stylist Lourens Loux Gebhardt of Loux the Vintage Guru is now collaborating with Khumbala, a group of stylists and designers from Johannesburg, to launch a street-style website that seeks to inspire Africans to step out in style and introduce them to the merits of vintage fashion.

A fashion revolution in the making; “When we collaborate we call ourselves LIA (Love is African), and we’re currently playing a big part by simply inspiring fashionistas around the African continent.”

Usually decked out in well-cut 60’s suits, tweed jackets, round spectacles and trilby hats, Lourens explains, “Many people aren’t interested in wearing vintage, they just see it as used clothing… I manage to dress myself cheaply and end up looking like a million bucks.”

photos: ©Harness Hamese and ©Lukas Amakali. all rights reserved

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Derek Hale’s genuine smile ಥ⌣ಥ



"There are multiple times where she had perfect right to want to kill me. And even in the miniseries, the truth is that I can be a complete and utter jerk. I admit it, it just comes out. But it comes out at a time where I’m either overwhelmed with how bad I am or with the story that you’re telling or someone has just come in and said “We’re gonna do this scene tomorrow, and we’ve moved the schedule.” and somebody says something. And if it was Claudia, because I’m so comfortable with her - I almost never did it to anyone else - but if it was Claudia, she would say something and it was almost like a domestic relationship where you go Quit promptin’ me, woman!, and you go “Oh my god, what just came out of my mouth!”” [x]

here this is one of the best moments in history. I love them so much.



your friend: “Show ‘em the outfit, show ‘em the outfit!!”
you: [fronting] “…aiiiiight.”




your friend: “Show ‘em the outfit, show ‘em the outfit!!

you: [fronting] “…aiiiiight.”


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I was the first of the Potter actors to learn to drive. I passed my test at the second time of trying. On the set, there’d always be a lot of talk about cars among the cast, although Daniel Radcliffe never joined in. He’s never been into cars at all. My first ambition was to become an ice-cream man, which is why I bought the Bedford van. Not long after I first got it, I pulled into a pub to do a U-turn and there were eight kids with their pocket money out, hoping to buy a 99 or whatever. But I had nothing to give them. I’ve learnt my lesson since then. I keep my van well stocked. It’s got a proper machine that dispenses Mr Whippy ice cream and I buy my lollies wholesale – 50 for a tenner – so I never run short. I’m not allowed to sell my merchandise. I’d need a license for that. I tend to avoid July and August, but the rest of the year I’ll drive around the local villages and if I see some kids looking like they’re in need of ice creams, I’ll pull over and dish them out for free. They’ll say, “Ain’t you Ron Weasley?” And I’ll say, “It’s strange, I get asked that a lot.” The van often comes in useful. I drove it up to the set on the last day of filming on Harry Potter. The cast and crew were having a barbecue and I supplied the lollies and ice creams.’
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boy, i sure enjoy watching sports. when they throw the ball? classic

All that I feel, capital ways
Teach me to grieve and conspire

With my age

All that I can see, domestic spree
A seething routine I could never navigate